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IFS provides an easy loan
process for vehicle buyers.
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The ZOOMWAREHOUSE team offers their clients the best fleet experience in the business. When their customers and their employees look to finance company vehicles they want to maintain that high level of professionalism. That's why they recommend IFS.

Here are just a few reasons why consumers like the IFS loan fulfillment process:

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  • IFS can accept loan applications online or over the phone in about ten minutes
  • IFS can refund and finance your down payment into the loan
  • To simplify your life, loan documents are completed via mail or email and sent directly to your home or office
  • The IFS process reduces or eliminates trips to the department of motor vehicles for title purposes.
  • IFS helps eliminate trips to the bank to complete credit applications and loan documents, but still leverages the power of national banks to offer you the best rates and terms
  • IFS is able to accommodate loan candidates that have had past credit issues
  • IFS offers one of the best Service Protection Plans in the industry to protect your vehicle investment

free - IFS Loan PaymentsIFS offers you three simple ways to get started . . . 

1. Call 866-504-3748 and speak with one of our loan advisors. They will help you complete the loan application process over the phone, or

2. You can use our online secure credit application, or 

3. You can print out the application, write in the information and fax it to our office at 512-336-8704


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Occasionally applicants have questions that are specific to their situation. Please call one of our loan advisors so we can answer questions or discuss your concerns about our program and its guidelines. You can reach us at 866-504-3748 or via our direct local number in Austin - 512-336-8700.
For your convenience we are open 7AM to 6PM Central Time.